How did I accepted Lord Jesus as my savior from another faith?
25 year long persecution in Pakistan.
 An Introduction:    I am a Pakistani belong to a fundamentalist clan of another faith Pakistan. I belong to a radical clan of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. However, miraculously, I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my savior in 1982, when I was 15 years old. Subsequently, in the year of 2005 we all family my wife and three sons, accepted Christ and were Baptized in Pakistan. In February, 2007 some extremist knew about us and they gave me threatening notice to denounce the Gospel of Christ. So we have to escape from Pakistan and now are living in an Asian Pacific country as refugees.
Miraculous discovery of light: In 1982 when I was 15 years old, miraculously, I completed a study course of Holy Bible from Pakistan. In this way, virtually, I accepted Lord Jesus Christ in my teenager. When I disclosed about the changes, I observed within me. People informed me that if I accept other religion than Islam, is liable to be killed under Islamic Law in Pakistan. I could not understand its meaning in true sense just knew that I should not disclose to people about my new religious feelings. In this way I was brought up with my Christian faith which I had always tried to hide due to fear of persecution.
Marriage:  In October, 2000, my parents arranged my marriage with a girl. Just after marriage when my wife knew about my hidden Christian faith she got frustrated. But I prayed to Lord and tried to convince her from the comparative study of Bible.
Persecution after War against Terrorism: In the year of 2001, I started my career. Meanwhile, USA and its allied forces started War against Terrorism. They attacked on Afghanistan the neighboring country of Pakistan. In retaliation, Pro-Taliban Pakistani escalated protest against USA and the West. They became furious against all the Christian community living in Pakistan. They were attacking Christian’s Houses, and they were burning Churches. In these prevailing protests. Taliban were kidnapping people for ransom to generate their fund. Some informed Taliban about my Pro-Christian thoughts. So they also kidnapped me and demanded a ransom amount of Pak Rupees 2 Millions from my family. They confined me in their private jail in tribal area of Pakistan. About 30 hostages were already confined their in captivity of Talibans. They used to bring 2 or 3 people daily as hostages and release to those who pay them. They executed many people in front of me who could not pay them.
Lord Jesus as my savior: Being a hostage in Taliban captivity, I lost hope of my life and started pray. First, I thought that I have a punishment from heaven. Day by day, I was going to the verge of death.
One day Taliban came at my cell they informed me that your family has lodged complain against us rather to pay so tomorrow we will kill you. I lost hope of life; I perceived that there is no one in this world savior except the Lord Jesus Christ. So I started praying to the Lord our God. Meanwhile, I felt asleep at any hour during pray. I saw in my vision that Lord Jesus Christ was putting his hand upon m head. Suddenly, I opened my eyes and found myself more optimistic for life. It was new life, a new beginning. I resolved in the captivity of Taliban. That whenever I get release from here I would be Baptized in the name of Lord. I also resolved that I will bring my children in Christ. Next day morning some Taliban came at my cell. They released me; It was a great miracle in my life.
Convincing miracle: I tolled everything to my wife about how the Lord Jesus gave me this second life. She informed me that when you were in captivity, I also prayed for you a lot. Eventually, I prayed to Lord and I found you back alive so she also accepted Lord Jesus Christ as her savior and our Lord. I was astonished to see my wife in Christ Jesus. So we both committed that we will bring our child in Christ.
Baptism in Christ: Subsequently, I start my struggle for baptism; however, no priest was ready to baptize us, as conversion is not allowed in our country Pakistan. If some one accept any other religion, they used to get killed. In 2002, my first baby boy was born. I gave him Christian name. My whole family raised objection why did you name him as Christians?
 In the year of 2005 we all my wife and three sons were baptized in Pakistan. We all were living being followers of the Gospel of Christ in Pakistan but secretly.
The legal rights of persecuted Christians:  I used to provide free legal aid to deserving people. As Christians are the most deserving poor minority in my country as they don’t have equal rights. That is why many poor Christians were use to come at me for free legal aid.
Muslims promote persecution: Pakistani law gives a license of rape to the criminals. If any criminal rape with any Christian female and then take plea that she has accepted Islam and marry with him. Such person is not culpable under Pakistani criminal law. If victim female claim that she is a Christian, then under Islamic law she is liable to be executed as a Muslim cannot accept the Gospel of Christ. If she claims that marriage is a fake such plea cannot be taken in a family court under Muslim Family Law. Therefore, gang rape with Christian female by culprits is a very common crime in Pakistan. Criminal first kidnap any Christian female and then they rape with her. In case of any criminal proceeding, such criminals claims that she is converted Muslim and show her wife of any rapist. In this way they take refuge in the cover of Law.
A Christian persecuted female: In 2006 one poor Christina family came to me , it was so terrible that no lawyer dared to take up the matter. As some kidnapped a Christian girl they committed gang rape with her for three month. The poor parents lodged a criminal complain against the culprits. Police recovered the victim girl and arrested the accused persons. Usually, one accused person claimed that victim girl is his wife and she is converted Muslim. So police released all the accused persons. Thereafter, accused persons once again started to extend threats to that victim Christian family. 
Promotion of Islam through Crime: I took up the matter as the victim girl was not converted Muslim but she was Christian and victim of gang-rap by extremist. I pursued the matter in court of law, hence, police arrested all the accused again and sent them to jail in gang-rape case. However, many lawyers raised objection to me, if a Christian girl has converted from Christianity to Islam, why did you send her back to her Christian parent? And why did you made here Christian again? Accused person turned that criminal matter into a religious matter. Some extremist were supporting to accused person. As they think if the victim girl lives being a Muslim wife with accused person is batter then to live with any Christian man. They were seeking promotion of Islam through crime.
Subsequently, Judge also gave extra favor to accused and released them all on bail. After getting release once again accused person started threading to victim Christian female and her family. I lodged complain against the accused. News was published against the accused person so they became more furious. Eventually, the victim Christian family left their home city and shifted to some other part of Pakistan, just to save their life.
Accused person ultimately attacked me they assaulted me and said why did you support Christians? And why did you not send victim girl back to her Christian family? Even tough you are Muslim then why are you supporting to Christians?
Illegal detention due to Christian faith: As my wife belong to a fundamentalist family. Anyhow one elder brother of my wife knew about the attack on my office by some extremist. So he asked me also why do you gave favor to Christians? Why do you provide free legal aid to Christians? He suspect about our faith as he has seen Holy Bible in my home. 
He went back to his home and called my wife and children their. When my wife and children went to her parent’s home the brother of my wife illegally detained my wife and children. They maltreated my wife and persecuted her and when they knew about our conversion they demanded divorce forcibly. They kept my wife and children for three month as hostages in their illegally confinement. I invoked the office of Prime Minister of Pakistan for the recovery of my three sons and wife from illegal confinement. With the interference of Prime Minister Office they released my wife and children.
Persecution by Government of Pakistan: After conducting enquiry the officials of Prime Minister House called me and informed me that your brother-in-law has recorded their statement against you that you rejected Islam and accepted the Gospel of Christ. They further threatened me, that you yourself are accused of blasphemy law as you rejected Islam. So they called me along wife and children for recording statement. I informed them, even though, I have lodged complain against the brothers of my wife but now they released my wife and children so I don’t want to pursue any legal action against them. However, the officials of Prime Minister House were themselves prejudiced against us and took the matter as personal. However, I did not attend the P.M office as they called me.
Threats by Islamic clerics Death or Conversion?  Thereafter, in the month of February 2007, I received two threatening notices from an Islamic seminary Mosque for come back to Islam or ready. Muslim clerics called me at one of the biggest mosque of my city. They explain about the belief of me and my family. I did not go there. Then they gave me threatening notice to come back to Islam or ready to die within 7 days. I did not go to that mosque. Thereafter, some extremist Muslim from that seminary attacked our home and they wanted to kill us all under Islamic Law of Apostasy.  Ultimately, they gave us last chance and called us at Mosque on 18th February, 2007. They tolled us that we are going to invite some press reporters and you shall have to accept Islam again before them. Otherwise we will kill you both wife and husband and we will kidnap your sons to make them Muslim again. 
Escape from Pakistan: I had no any other option except to escape from Pakistan as all the people and Government of Pakistan were supporting to extremist. I arranged our escape. On 17th, February, 2007; I along with my 3 sons and wife escaped from Pakistan and arrived in an Asian Pacific country to take refuge their. We sought asylum in any Christian country through UNHCR. We left every thing behind in Pakistan and are living now as refugees.
Brother in Christ, Abdullah